Veterans Assisted Living

Veterans Administration (VA) has a special pension with aid and attendance benefit for veterans and surviving spouses with non-service related disabilities that require regular assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). Eligible candidates may use the benefit to purchase in-home care services.

Our Veteran Benefits affiliates go through a 7-Step Process to determine eligibility:

Step 1. Screen for eligibility

Step 2. Obtain original military paperwork

Step 3. Collect supporting documentation

Step 4. Review completed VA application

Step 5. Provide updates throughout the process

Step 6. Assist with any VA documentation requirements until final VA approval

Step 7. Assist with monitoring medical expenses to ensure eligibility

These funding sources through the VA could pay for the in-home care services you need. Once you are identified as a good candidate for this benefit, Executive Care can typically start providing home care services within 45-90 days

Let us know if you are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran, and we will start the process.